A new study on the passage of knotted DNA through nanopores
Anyone who has been on a sailing boat knows that tying a knot is the best way to secure a rope to a hook and prevent its slippage. The same applies to sewing threads where knots are introduced to prevent them slipping through two pieces of fabric....read more
SISSA joins the Simons Observatory
The silence of an immense desolate land in which to search for reverberations coming from the time at which everything began. The Simons Observatory will be built in the Chilean Atacama desert at an altitude of several thousand meters for the purposes of studying primordial gravitational...read more
A computer-based environment developed with the aim to shed light on the origins of altruism: this is the innovative approach used by a research group at SISSA in collaboration with the University of Udine....read more


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Dalla vita sintetica alla chimica della bellezza, dagli antichi astronauti alle potenzialità delle nuove tecniche di editing genetico, dalle meraviglie della botanica alla scienza del sesso: la ricerca si racconta al grande pubblico durante la seconda edizione di Scienza e Virgola, un ciclo di presentazioni di libri organizzato

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On Wednesday 22 March 2017 the historian of physics Anna Maria Lombardi will give a seminar dedicated to the German astronomer Johannes Kepler. Kepler’s laws are encompassed by the laws of classical mechanics established by Newton in 1687.

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