The new SISSA Strategic Plan has been approved

The new SISSA Strategic Plan approved

The new Strategic Plan for the period 2024-2027 has been approved by the School's governing bodies. This plan serves as the primary programming document for the School, aiming to frame current and future actions within guidelines and an overarching vision that work as a reference for the School's activities. Its ultimate goal is to promote the School's mission, spirit, and core values. 

The process that led to the development of the Strategic Plan unfolded through open and shared reflection and discussion about the nature of SISSA and its role within both the university system and the country. This occurred through meetings at various stages of drafting involving the different components of the School. It has allowed a multitude of insights and challenges to emerge through collective reflection, reflecting the interest in contributing to the positive development of the School.

To read the document in its full version: Strategic Plan 2024-2027_DEF_ENG.pdf (