The 5 x 1000 donation

Support scientific research, donate your 5 x 1000 to SISSA

This year, too, it is possible to allocate the 5 x 1000 share of the personal income tax (IRPEF) to universities and research institutions. The 5x1000 does not cost anything but allows the taxpayers to personally and concretely contribute to scientific progress, a fundamental asset for everyone's future.


Donate your 5x1000 to SISSA - tax code 80035060328


How to donate:

To donate your 5 x 1000 to SISSA just report it to the accountant or CAF when completing the tax return and enter the tax code 80035060328 in the "Financing of scientific research and universities" box and sign in the space below.

To support SISSA's research activity, enter the tax code of the International School for Advanced Studies 80035060328 in the tax form 730, in the CU form or in the box of the CUD form you received.

The choice of allocating 5 x 1000 to research is not an alternative to financing religious cults (law no. 222 of 1985). Those who decide to support us can therefore allocate the contribution of 8 x 1000 to a confessional institution.

The funded projects:

Thanks to the contributions of 5 x 1000 raised in 2021, the research led by professor Remo Sanges at the Computational Genomics Laboratory of SISSA was funded, titled "Research project for the study of the molecular bases of Xia-Gibbs syndrome"

Thanks to the contributions of 5 x 1000 raised in 2020, the research led by Dr. Giuliano Taccola at the Applied Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology Laboratory of SISSA Neuroscience Area was funded, titled "Application of artificial intelligence to alleviate respiratory deficit in intensive care. An innovative passive lower limb mobilization technology continuously adapted to basal respiratory function".