Collaborations of excellence

Through the programme for collaborations of excellence in research and education, SISSA supports the presence of Italian and foreign scientists of renowned scientific and cultural level as well as refugee scientists. Scholars may spend between one month and one year at the School and may be involved in research as well as teaching activities.

Started in 2018, the programme for collaborations of excellence has already supported the presence at SISSA of 15 researchers. The initiative was suspended because of the pandemic, but it has started again in 2021 with the arrival of Don B. Zagier of the Max Planck Institut für Mathematik in Bonn. Daniel Cabra of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Argentina and Ivan Kostov of CNRS will follow after the summer.

Collaborations 2018-2020

Physics Area
Morris Timothy Richard, University of Southampton - UK
Peliti Luca, Santa Marinella Research Institute - Santa Marinella (Rome), ITALY
Konik Robert, Brookhaven National Laboratory - Upton, NY, USA
Parentani Renaud, Paris-Sud University - Orsay, FRANCE
Komatsu Eiichiro, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics – Garching, GERMANY
Tauber Uwe Claus, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University – Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
Lepri Stefano, CNR-ISC – Sesto Fiorentino (FI), ITALY

Mathematics Area
Porta Marcello, University of Tuebingen – Tubingen, GERMANY, now at SISSA
Its Alexander, Indiana University-Purdue University – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Khovanskii Askold, University of Toronto – CANADA, Moscow Independent University - RUSSIA

Neuroscience Area
Giugliano Michele, University of Antwerp - BELGIUM, now at SISSA
Kristensson Krister, Karolinska Institutet – Stockhom, SWEDEN
Silani Giorgia, University of Vienna - AUSTRIA
lamm Claus, University of Vienna - AUSTRIA

Interdisciplinary Laboratory (ILAS)
Castillo Ochoa Ruth Carolina, VENEZUELA


The programme works through an annual internal call for applications (available here) open to the School's Area Coordinators and ILAS Director over three deadlines. Thus, the Area Coordinators and ILAS Director themselves guarantee for the scientific value and international caliber of the candidates.

Applications should be submitted though the form available here and should include:

  • name of the candidate;
  • type of collaboration (teaching or research);
  • requested budget;
  • SISSA scientific contact;
  • candidate's profile, CV as well as additional collaboration with the School;
  • proposed research or training activity.

The next deadline for submission is on 30/09/2021, at 1 pm (CEST).

Evaluation criteria

Applications are selected by a specific Committe in order to favour:

  • the process of interdisciplinary internationalization;
  • the development of new disciplines;
  • cross-disciplinary scientific topics that can involve faculty and researchers from different Areas of the School;
  • fruitful scientific support to Phd students of the different Areas or ILAS;
  • greater visibility of the School;
  • the extension of a scientific network of excellence at SISSA.

A coherence with the main objectives of the School's Strategic Paln is also requested.


Collaborations can be activated for periods between one month and one year, according to economic treatments in line with those provided for visiting scientists (for research assignments) and teaching assignments, taking into account the seniority of the researcher, the duration of the collaboration and the personal situation of the collaborator (holder or not of a salary by his/her institution during the period at SISSA). Travel expenses may also be covered.

The full guidelines are available here