Scientific Secretariat

Lorena Bencina (Head)

Emanuele Tuillier Illingworth (Guest and events team Main contact person)

Federica Tuniz 

Elisa Bosdachin

Sofia Cordioli

Sara Greblo

Cristina Grillo

Nadia Pugiotto

Alessia Quadarella

Marina Raccar


Lecture room booking: If you require a room for seminars/conferences etc please contact  click to show email


The Scientific Secretariat is made up of 5 teams.
You can find the details of the teams and our contacts below:


Delivery & Goods

(Elisa Bosdachin, Sara Greblo,  Lorena Bencina)

- Area institutional purchase delivery

- Area institutional purchase reimbursement via fondo economale

- Administrative opening and closing of cognitive neuroscience studies.


Scientific Trips - Italy and abroad

(Federica Tuniz, Sara Greblo, Cristina Grillo, Alessia Quadarella, Marina Raccar)

When you are required to perform institutional activities elsewhere other than SISSA, such as to attend a conference, take part in scientific collaboration, Summer school and such like, we can help you to obtain reimbursement for your expenses.

The online form is available, together with the rules and guidelines on the webpage:
On July 22nd, the new Mission Regulation will come into effect (please find the Mission Regulation file at the end of this page). 
From July 22nd missions can only be opened through the new dedicated CINECA platform "Uwebmissioni 
Missions already opened in the previous SISSA application can only be concluded through the same
Our offices are situated on the first floor, please do not hesitate if you need to talk to any member of the team:
Room 103 - Cristina Grillo (tel.210) and Alessia Quadarella (545)
Room 105 - Sara Greblo (tel.597)
Room 106 - Marina Raccar (tel.337)
Room 716 - Federica Tuniz (tel.456)


Management of guests and conferences/events of the scientific areas of SISSA

(Emanuele Tuillier Illingworth, Sofia Cordioli, Sara Greblo, Cristina Grillo, Nadia Pugiotto, Marina Raccar)
For further details please refer to the following documents:
If you are planning to invite a guest with reimbursements/facilities, please remember that it is required to open the online invitation form in our GRS 10 days before the guest arrival at the latest
Whenever an extra-EU guest is asking for a letter of invitation for visa purposes, you are pleased to get in touch with us. We will take care of preparing the letter. Please do not write the letter yourself!
If you are planning to organize a conference, please remember that it is requested to register the event in our Conference Planning 3 months before the beginning of the conference at the latest


Scientific Areas Governing boards

click to show email (Sofia Cordioli, Lorena Bencina)

click to show email(Elisa Bosdachin, Emanuele Tuillier Illingworth)

click to show email(Alessia Quadarella, Lorena Bencina)

We take care of the governing bodies of the scientific areas of SISSA (Area Council and Giunta), by supporting Area and Phd Coordinators for:
- convocation of meetings
- definition of topics
- drafting of minutes
- transmission of topics to the governing bodies
- filing of minutes


Scientific Areas Budget

click to show email

click to show email

click to show email

(Lorena Bencina, Elisa Bosdachin, Emanuele Tuillier Illingworth)

We take care of the budget of Scientific Areas, Area Research Groups including Labs:
- assistance in the planning of expenses and budgeting
- support to the management of the budget assigned by SISSA to the Scientific Areas and updates on the availability of funds during the year
(Please note that the Project Management Office, click to show email, is the reference for grants)



*Area Coordinator: prof Pasquale Calabrese
*Area Deputy Coordinator: prof Cristian Micheletti
PhD Courses (Research Groups)
*Astrophysics and Cosmology: Coordinator prof Carlo Baccigalupi, Deputy Coordinator prof. Andrea Lapi
*Astroparticle Physics: Coordinator prof Enrico Barausse, Deputy Coordinator prof Piero Ullio
*Theoretical Particle Physics: Coordinator prof Francesco Benini, Deputy Coordinator prof Marco Serone
*Statistical Physics: Coordinator prof Gesualdo Delfino, Deputy Coordinator prof Andrea Gambassi
*Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems (Research Group: Molecular and statistical Biophysics): Coordinator prof Cristian Micheletti, Deputy Coordinator prof Giovanni Bussi
*Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter (Research Group: Condensed Matter): Coordinator prof Giuseppe Santoro, Deputy Coordinator prof Stefano de Gironcoli
*Scientific and Theoretical Data Science (Research Group: Scientific and Theoretical Data Science): Coordinator prof. Roberto Trotta, Deputy Coordinator prof Guido Sanguinetti


*Area Coordinator: prof Gianluigi Rozza
*Area Deputy Coordinator: prof Gianni Dal Maso
PhD Courses
*Mathematical Analysis Modelling, and Applications: Coordinator prof Massimiliano Berti, Deputy Coordinator prof Giovanni Noselli
*Fisica Matematica e Geometria: Coordinator prof Ugo Bruzzo, Deputy Coordinator prof. Marcello Porta
NB. Mathematics Area is made up of three Research Groups:
- Mathematical Analysis: Responsible prof Nicola Gigli
- Geometry and Mathematical Physics: Responsible prof Marcello Porta
- SISSA MathLab: Responsible prof Gianluigi Rozza


*Area Coordinator: prof Davide Zoccolan
*Area Deputy Coordinator: prof. Paul Heppenstall
PhD Courses
*Cognitive Neuroscience: Coordinator prof Mathew E. Diamond
*Neurobiology: Coordinator prof Paul Heppenstall
*Functional and Structural Genomics: Coordinator prof Remo Sanges
*Molecular Biology (Jumbo): prof Giuseppe Legname

NB. Neuroscience Area is made of three Research Groups:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience: Responsible prof Mathew E. Diamond
  • Neurobiologia: Responsible  prof Paul Heppenstall
  • Genomics and Molecular Biology: Responsible prof. Remo Sanges
Mission Regulation (520.37 KB)