SISSA Alumni Society

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On the occasion of its 40th Anniversary, the School is pleased to announce the foundation of the SISSA Alumni Society.

It is open to all former SISSA students who have completed a PhD course, obtained a MPhil degree, or attended a Master’s degree course organized by SISSA of the duration of at least one year. The main aim is to foster the sense of community of the School by giving the possibility to the Alumni to connect with each other and thus to create a personal and professional network.

The Board is composed of a small group of volunteers who is currently working to make the Society moving its first steps, from building the 'bureaucratic infrastructure' to reaching out to as many Alumni as possible. The main goals of the first year are: make all the Alumni aware of the existence of the Society, build a website with a database of the Alumni, launch a newsletter and organize the first Alumni Meeting in 2019.

For more information and how to join, please visit