Research groups and graduate programs

Neuroscience research at SISSA includes cognitive neuroscience, computational and theoretical neuroscience, systems neuroscience, molecular and cellular research as well as genomics and genetics. The Neuroscience department is organized around three graduate programs. Each research group/lab is affiliated to one or more graduate programs. PhD programs are distinct but have significant overlap in scope, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of our research.

More information on the programs can be found on their respective webpages:

The department is currently looking to hire new faculty in any of the programs!  See our call for expressions of interest for more details.

Shared facilities

The department hosts a number of shared facilities. These include cell culture rooms, viral vector facilities, confocal microscopes, molecular and biochemical facilities, a mechatronics workshop, and human cognition labs with EEG, TMS, and eye tracking systems. More details on our internal experimental facilities can be found at Lab Facilities (Instruments booking - Tech Support).  Access to MRI scanning is guaranteed through agreements with national and international scanning facilities. Computing resources are provided internally thanks to the Ulisse HPC platform and externally through agreements with CINECA.


Details on the teaching offer can be found on the individual programs' pages, linked above. To facilitate cross-program collaboration and to encourage students to explore a broad range of subjects, we also maintain a shared list of syllabi for all courses offered, and a joint course calendar, shown below. All students are encouraged to subscribe to the calendar by clicking the "+" button on the bottom right corner of the panel.

Courses Calendar


Cognitive Neuroscience


Functional and Structural Genomics

Technical staff

People and contacts

Below are the names of those who hold the key institutional roles within the department. Detailed contact information for any of them can be found on the sissa phonebook.

Area Coordinator: Davide Zoccolan

Deputy Area Coordinator: Paul Heppenstall

PhD Course Coordinators

  • Mathew Diamond (Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • Paul Heppenstall (Neurobiology)
  • Remo Sanges (Functional and Structural Genomics)

Student Representatives

  • Francesca Iris Bellotti (Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • Francesco Diversi (Neurobiology)
  • Anna Burato (Functional and Structural Genomics)

Technicians Representative: Federica Ferrero

Scientific secretariat: see here