PhD program in Neurobiology

Molecules and genes modulate how neurons assemble and respond to external stimuli. The assembly of neurons determines how our brain works. This is neurobiology: much more than a single discipline, far beyond a unique approach.

Whatever question you want to ask the brain, here you will find the language and the tools to carry out your experiment, the right advisors to supervise your research, and the ideal working environment to start a brilliant and satisfying career in Neuroscience. All research and teaching take place in English. There are no tuition fees, and each PhD student receives a fellowship for 3-4 years.

On the following pages you can find more information about the Neurobiology labs, the structure and content of the PhD program, and information about student life at SISSA and in Trieste. If you're interested in applying to a PhD in Neurobiology, you can find more information about how to do so on the Neurobiology PhD program site.

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Neurobiology PhD program

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