Honoris causa Doctorate to Pasquale Calabrese

The SISSA scientist distinguished himself for the excellence of his studies in the field of statistical physics

The University of Lorraine has recognised the fundamental contribution of Pasquale Calabrese in the fields of theoretical and statistical physics by awarding him an honoris causa doctorate. 
The ceremony took place today, Monday 21 November 2022, at the Faculty of Science and Technology in Nancy. At the end of the ceremony Calabrese, currently full professor of statistical physics at SISSA, gave a Lectio Magistralis entitled "Why entanglement matters".

"I am really glad and honoured that my efforts in this branch of physics have received such prestigious academic recognition from my French colleagues. I have always carried out my work with passion and dedication, and being awarded with the title of Doctor honoris causa is a confirmation, but also a further encouragement to always aim higher." Calabrese commented.

Author of numerous research articles published in international journals, Pasquale Calabrese is one of the leading international experts in quantum statistical mechanics, a field to which he has made outstanding contributions. Calabrese, who was coordinator of the PhD course in statistical physics at SISSA from 2016 to 2019 and is currently coordinator of the entire Physics area, has made fundamental contributions to the physics of low-dimensional extended quantum systems in equilibrium and out of equilibrium, with emphasis on exactly solvable models and their description in field theory.