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The alphabet of science: a new book by Giuseppe Mussardo

14 May 2020

Science is an endless source of extraordinary stories. In his new book, SISSA Professor Giuseppe Mussardo tell us 26 of them, one for each letter of the alphabet. The leading characters? Great scientists or great ideas.

The reading adventure starts from A as in Abel, talented Norwegian with a legendary life and author of one of the most fascinating theories in mathematics. The last chapter, of course, is about Z as in Absolute Zero, where is narrated the exciting challenge, still open, to reach the scale of temperatures' ultimate limit.

In the trip, the readers will meet several characters like the French Astronomers who almost went mad running after the transits of Venus; or the Indian astrophysicist who at a very young age was first to understand the final destiny of stars ; or the French researcher forced to sign her fundamental theorems on prime numbers using a male name. And many others. The book has just been published by Dedalo Edizioni.