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The researchers of the Mathematics Area work in geometry (algebraic, differential and noncommutative geometry, also with applications to quantum field and string theory), in mathematical analysis (calculus of variations,control theory, partial and ordinary differential equations), in mathematical modelling (mechanics of solids and fluids, complex and biological systems, multiscale analysis), in mathematical physics(classical and quantum integrable systems and their applications), and in numerical analysis and scientific computing (applied to partial differential equations and to control problems).

The Mathematics Area is involved in the activities of two laboratories:

  • SISSA MathLab: a laboratory for mathematical modeling and scientific computing
  • SAMBA: a laboratory in collaboration with the Cognitive Neuroscience Group

Moreover, the Mathematics Area, together with the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences of the University of Trieste, jointly runs an MSc course in Mathematics (Laurea Magistrale in Mathematics). Mathematics Area is also involved in the master degree in Data Science and Scientific Computing with University of Trieste and Udine and ICTP (link: and in the master in High Performance Computing with ICTP (link:  A SIAM student chapter is also active (link:

Coordinator: Gianluigi Rozza

Committee (Giunta):

Prof. Massimiliano Berti (Phd coordinator in Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications)

Prof. Antonio Lerario (Phd coordinator in Geometry and Mathematical Physics)

Prof. Nicola Gigli (Responsible of Mathematical Analysis research group)

Prof. Marcello Porta  (Responsible of Geometry and Mathematical Physics research group)

Prof. Gianluigi Rozza (Responsible of SISSA mathLab research group)

Prof. Alessandro Tanzini (Academic Senate member for Mathematics Area)

Dott. Alessandro Scagliotti (Student body representative)

Dott. Valentina Damioli (Research body representative)