Interreg V-A Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020

General information about the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia programme 2014-2020

Description of the Programme

With a financial allocation of more than € 90 million, Interreg V-A Italy –Slovenia Programmewill support a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as planned by the Europe 2020 Strategy, spending significant resources on growth, innovation, quality of life and environmental sustainability, also through the improvement of the efficiency of public administration. The Programme will cover the seven-year period of the European Programme 2014-2020, which will be developed to provide continuity with the previous 2007-2013 Programme, which has funded 87 projects aimed at enhancing competitiveness, research and innovation, protection and promotion of cultural and natural resources, and cross-border activities.

SISSA is partner of Interreg 2014–2020 following projects:

MEMORI-net - Mental and Motor Rehabilitation Network of strokeis a cross-border Italy-Slovenia project, that aims to delineate new common clinical standardised protocols for the rehabilitation of stroke patients with a new Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Care Strategy. In particular, the project will implement the criteria for the evaluation of the deficit in stroke patients and will design new integrated cognitive and motor rehabilitation strategies. An ICT platform will facilitate the cooperation between institutions, stakeholders, and families, also with dedicated training initiatives.