International Relations


The fuel of competitive research of excellence is people of excellence. The International Relations Office welcomes and helps researchers moving to SISSA offering them administrative and practical support.

Don't miss: Welcome Office FVG: "Information and tailored assistance to international students and researchers before and during their stay in Friuli Venezia Giulia".


What can the International Relations Office do for you?

  • SISSA’s P.I.s, Professors, Researchers: consultancy about recruitment procedures and expected timelines for new research group members or guests in compliance with Immigration law and relocation procedures for EU/non-EU-Swiss-EEA-UK citizens and their family members.
  • Pre-arrival assistance to foreign researchers: Italian tax code “Codice Fiscale”, Italian National Health Care System, introduction to HousingSISSA and SISSA kindergarten
  • Pre-arrival assistance to non-EU foreign researchers: Host Agreement for Research or Invitation letter for long-term post-graduate Study, Nulla Osta alla Ricerca o per Famiglia i.e. Research or Family clearance, assistance on Research or Family visa and Permit of Stay, Integration Agreement
  • Assistance upon-arrival to foreign researchers: various relocation procedures, e.g. banking, Townhall Registry, Health District offices, INPS, connection to the  relocation assistance managed by Welcome Office FVG
  • Assistance on-site to foreign researchers: renewal of National Health Care System yearly enrollment; Permit of Stay renewal planning; assistance on travel permits; consultancy about Schengen mobility of  researchers, Integration Agreement, Job-seek Permit of Stay, INPS related procedures (e.g. DisColl, ANF, ISEE...)
  • Assistance before-departure to foreign researchers: verify Health Insurance, Permit of Stay, Integration Agreement, Townhall Registry; return journey for non-EU nationals
  • Budget and administrative activities: Health Insurance and return journey of non-EU Assegnisti di Ricerca, Health Insurance contribution for EU Assegnisti di Ricerca, SISSA-ICTP shuttle, SISSA Housing Service
  • Databases: Permits of Stay, Health Card releases, foreign Assegnisti di Ricerca recruited by SISSA, international incoming and outgoing mobility of SISSA’s personnel and long-term guests


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Contact us,  mobility@sissa is read by

Francesca Gandolfo           tel  +39 040 3787 618,   office 201
Gabriella Peressini            tel  +39 040 3787 400,   office 201
Tatiana Usenich (Head)    tel  +39 040 3787 453,   office 206


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