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A network in Vietnam

Collaboration with research institutes in Vietnam has kicked off

SISSA has always kept focus on the international scientific scene. In such a vein, a recent activity was the creation of a network with some research institutes in Vietnam in view of top-level training in the field of Functional and Structural Genomics.

Two professors of the PhD course in Functional and Structural Genomics at SISSA, Giuseppe Legname (SISSA) and Paolo Carloni (German Research School for Simulation Sciences, Jülich), recently went to Ho Chi Min City to organize a Neurobiology course, dealing with both experimental and computational aspects.

Before about sixty students of the National Science University (NSU), Legname and Carloni (alongside with Giulia Rossetti - a former student at SISSA, now working at the German Research School for Simulation Sciences, and Jen Dreyer, from the same University) held a lecture series focusing in particular on molecular medicine and drug therapy.

The encounter was also a chance to spot a few particularly brilliant young students who will take part in the selections for the PhD course in Functional and Structural Genomics at SISSA. And it was precisely this PhD course that distinguished itself for the great number of applications (89 in 2012) in consideration of the limited number of available places, only 7, and for the extremely high quality of the selected students.

The collaboration with the Vietnam institutes has been going for several years now. As many as eight students from Vietnam have in fact attended the PhD courses at SISSA in the past.