The first edition of the Lagomarsino Prize from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia rewards Iacopo Hachen

Iacopo Hachen was awarded for his doctoral thesis conducted at SISSA
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Iacopo Hachen was awarded the "Pedro Lagomarsino de Leon Roig" Prize today for the best doctoral thesis in neuroscience. The prize, in its first edition, was established by the Italian Institute of Technology - IIT to honor the memory of Argentine researcher Pedro Lagomarsino de Leon Roig, brilliant scientist with a strong interest in computational neuroscience who passed away prematurely in 2021.

Researcher Iacopo Hachen received the "Pedro Lagomarsino de Leon Roig" Prize for the best doctoral thesis in neuroscience, which combines excellence in scientific results and data analysis methods with open science. The award consists of 1,500.00 euros and its awarding took place in the Auditorium of the IIT headquarters in Genoa Morego, where Iacopo Hachen presented the results of his research activity. Present at the event were Tommaso Fellin, coordinator of the research team of which Pedro Lagomarsino de Leon Roig was a member, and IIT researchers who knew Pedro and had shared the work and personal journey with him.