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ESOF: Toulouse passes the torch to Trieste

06 July 2018
Trieste will be the special guest of the EuroScience Open Forum 2018 Toulouse closing ceremony

On July 14 Trieste will officially receive the mandate to organize the next EuroScience Open Forum edition in 2020! 
The ceremony will take place  in the frame of ESOF2018 Toulouse.  
ESOF is the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe. It is dedicated to scientific research and innovation and offers a unique framework for interaction and debate for scientists, innovators, policy makers, business people and the general public. 

The closing ceremony will be broadcasted live on Facebook (on the official page of Trieste’s Municipality) and shown at the Infopoint in Piazza dell’Unità.
On the same day, in Toulouse, a press conference is scheduled at 10:30 am to present ESOF2020 Trieste, taking place from 4 to 10 July 2020, to journalists and media.

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