EPS-SNPD Early Career Prize to Valentina Ros, SISSA PhD in 2016

The 2019 prizes will be officially awarded during the EPS-SNPD conference, in May

The European Physical Society-Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division Early Career Prize has been awarded to Valentina Ros, SISSA PhD in 2016, together with Karel Proesmans. The prize is awarded to "an early career scientist (defined as having obtained his/her PhD less than 6 years ago at the time of nomination) who has made outstanding research contributions to an area of statistical physics, nonlinear physics, complex systems, or complex networks, as evidenced by a top quality and highly cited paper in an international journal. The prize consists of a glass trophy and a cash sum. The 2019 prizes will be officially awarded at the 2nd conference of EPS-SNPD at Nordita/Stockholm from 7 to 11 May 2019. Commenting the news, SISSA director Stefano Ruffo says: "The prize to Valentina Ros, after the one to Laura Foini two year ago, proves the excellence of the research in statistical physics at SISSA. Morevover, it shows that the quality of our PhD students is appreciated all over the world." Valentina Ros is currentlly working at ENS Paris. Image: P Michael J. Linden on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC

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