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"Draught science" for everybody

14 May 2019
Science is back in local pubs

The event that brings the latest research to local pubs is back. Physics, biotechnology, ecology, marine biology, astrophysics, information technology, social networks and even history are the topics presented by researchers and students who will liven up four pubs of our city, from 20 to 22 May starting at 7.30pm.

Pint of Science was founded in 2013 in the United Kingdom and reached Italy in 2015. This year the Festival will take place in 23 Italian cities and 24 countries worldwide. The event is organized, nationally, thanks to INFN, INAF, AISM, SIERR and, locally, thanks to ICTP, SISSA, AREA Science Park and OGS.

All events will take place in Italian.

Full programme

SISSA highlights
Monday 20.05
Il Grande Buffo - Viale XX Settembre, 38A
   Lumen Boco La gravità è solo un'illusione

Tuesday 21.05
Old London Pub - Via Giuseppe Caprin, 17
   Maria Strazzullo Tutto sotto controllo: equazioni per l'ambiente

Wednesday 22.05
TNT Pub - Via della Ginnastica, 46
   Roberto Dessì Linguaggio e intelligenza artificiale, riusciremo mai a parlare con una macchina?
Il Grande Buffo - Viale XX Settembre, 38A
   Gianmarco Ghetti and Davide Montesarchio Romanzo Nucleare