Donate your 5x1000 to SISSA - A simple gesture for a concrete contribution

Donating is easy: enter tax code 80035060328 in your tax return form

This year, too, you can donate your 5x1000 for research to SISSA.

Donating 5x1000 does not entail any cost for you, but represents a concrete and personal contribution to a public institute of excellence in research and higher education. From frontier research to clinical applications, SISSA is an open laboratory that aims to have real positive impacts on knowledge and society.

For example, in 2021, thanks to the funds raised with the 5x1000, it was possible to finance research on the molecular bases of a rare genetic disease conducted by Professor Remo Sanges at SISSA's Computational Genomics Laboratory. 

Donating your 5 x 1000 to SISSA is very easy, just tell your accountant or CAF when you fill in your tax return and enter the tax code 80035060328 in the box "Financing scientific research and universities" and sign in the space below. To support SISSA's research activities, enter the tax code of the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati 80035060328 in the 730 form, in the "Unico" form or in the appropriate box of the CUD form you have received.