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The changing nature of science in the XXI Century

13 March 2018
Discussion panel at SISSA on 21 March

21 March, 10 am
SISSA, Room 128-129

On 27 October 2017 three national academies (Academie des Sciences, Leopoldina and the Royal Society) issued a Statement on good practice in the evaluation of researchers and research programmes. It is widely agreed that the nature of knowledge production in contemporary societies is changing, due especially to the so called phenomenon of marketisation in universities and other
public organisations which has produced flawed metrics for the evaluation of Science.

Stemming from these critical issues, SISSA will be holding a public event to push the discussion further within the activities of the Master's Course in Science Communication "Franco Prattico". It will be an occasion for a public consultation on these changes and the implications they are having for the relationship between science and democracy, between science and industry and for the practice of science communication.