Boltzmann Lecture | Hydrodynamics of integrable many-body systems

Herbert Spohn will hold the Boltzmann Lecture on February 20th

This year's Boltzmann Lecture will be held on Thursday, 20 February, featuring Herbert Spohn from Technical University Munich. His talk is titled:

Hydrodynamics of integrable many-body systems

Integrable many-body systems have an extensive number of conservation laws. This implies that conventional hydrodynamics, based on mass, momentum, and energy, has to be rewritten. Surprisingly, on large space-time scales the two-particle phase shift is the only microscopic information retained (except for Bose, Fermi, classical). For the purpose of the talk, I will mainly focus on the classical Toda lattice.

The lecture will be held on Thursday 20 February 2020 in Room 128-129 at 2:30 PM.