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International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The assessment of the scientific activity of the School in relation to the development of research at the international level is carried out by a collective body, the International Scientific Advisory (ISAC), composed of highly accomplished and world-renowned scientists from outside the School and active in the School's research fields.

The ISAC members, in a number not inferior to five, are appointed by the Academic Senate, based on proposal of the Director. Each member shall remain in office for three years and the mandate is renewable for a further three years.

ISAC meets generally every three years on invitation of the Director for the purpose of analyzing the trend and development of the School's scientific activity in relation to the evolution of research at the international level. The Committee submits to the Director a written report which formulates recommendations for the future. Such report is also transmitted to the School's bodies and to the Minister of Universities and of Scientific and Technological Research.