International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

As foreseen by art. 11 of the Statute, SISSA has an advisory/evaluation/strategic body, the International Scientific Advisory Committee - ISAC, with the purpose of analysing the progress and development of the School’s scientific activity in relation to the development of international. It meets every three years and draws up a written report making recommendations for the future.

The members of the Committee for the three year period 2020-2023 are the following:

prof.ssa Julia Yeomans – The Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theorethical Physics, Oxford, UK

prof.  Eiichiro Komatsu- Director of the Departement of Physical Cosmology, Max- Planck  Institute fur Astrophysik, Germany

prof. Michelangelo Mangano- TH Department CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

prof. Felix Otto- Full professor Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MIS), Leipzig, Germany

prof. David Morrison- Professor of Mathematics and Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara

prof .Shimon Marom-Professor of Physiology and the Pearl Seiden Chair in Sciences, Department of Physiology & Biophysics Faculty of Medicine and the Network Biology  Laboratory Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering Fishbach Bldg., Technion Haifa (Israel)

prof. Patrick Haggard – Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience & Dept. Psychology- University  College London

prof. Roberto Car- Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Princeton University.