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Evaluation Unit

The Evaluation Unit carries out the following functions:

  • it evaluates the quality and effectiveness of the didactic offer;
  • it evaluates the research activities carried out;
  • it evaluates the consistency of the scientific and professional résumé of teacher's contract holders;
  • it carries out all the functions of an independent unit of performance evaluation foreseen by the Law n° 150/2009;
  • it carries out other functions foreseen by the law.

The Evaluation Unit is composed of 5 members, of which three are external and two internal: a professor appointed by the Director and an elected student representative. At least two of the members are evaluation experts, also in non-academic fields.

The student representative is elected by the Ph.D. Courses students by secret ballot. The other members of the Unit are appointed by the School's Director, upon agreement of the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors. The mandate has duration of two years and is renewable only once.

The Units appoints its coordinator in the first session.