Evaluation Unit

Evaluation Committee (NdV)

The Evaluation committee, regulated by art. 10 of the Statute, carries out a surveillance role to evaluate the overall efficacy of the School’s QA system ex-post. It also puts forwards proposals for improvement. In fulfilling its role as internal and external evaluator, it operates to increase the culture of quality assurance and the development of the School’s QA system and, at the same time, supports ANVUR and the Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) within the purpose of monitoring compliance with the requirements of the initial and periodic Accreditation of study courses and of premises. It draws up an annual evaluation report according to the guidelines issued by ANVUR, in which it provides information regarding compliance with QA requirements and any initiatives implemented to promote quality. On the basis of this document, the Quality Assurance Unit and the Governing Bodies are ready to receive opinions and suggestions.


External member - Alberto Policriti

External member  and coordinator - Francesca Soramel

External member - Patrick Sambo

SISSA Internal member -Davide Crepaldi

SISSA Students' representative - Francesca Iris Bellotti


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