Secretary General

Marco Rucci is the Secretary General

The Secretary General is in charge of the whole management and organization of services in accordance with the general guidelines established by the Director and the other governing bodies of the School.

The Secretary General also carries out the tasks assigned by the current regulation on the management of the Public Administration and the implementation of the relevant deeds and provisions, with the exception of those pertaining to the Director.

In particular, the Secretary General:

  • takes care of the fulfillment of the plans, programs, and general directives defined by the Director and the academic bodies;
  • in fulfillment of the general organizational plans approved by the academic bodies, implements the deeds related to the organization of the services and confers tasks and responsibilities to the staff, including the possible managers;
  • guides and verifies the activity of the persons in charge, including the possible managers, and acts as a deputy for them in case of inactivity;
  • submits yearly to the academic bodies a report on the activities carried out.

The office of Secretary General is conferred by the Board of Directors, based on the Director's proposal, after obtaining the opinion of the Academic Senate, to a highly accomplished individual with proven long-standing management experience.

The Secretary General may appoint a Deputy Secretary General from among the managing or technical-administrative staff employed by the School, who will cooperate with the Secretary General in the fulfillment of his/her functions and acts a deputy for him/her in case of absence or impediment.

The Secretary General is a subordinate employee whose relationship with the School is regulated by a contract governed by private law that shall last no longer than four years and is renewable.

The revocation of the Secretary General appointment may be disposed in case of severe irregularities or inefficiencies in the fulfillment of his/her tasks by the Board of Directors, upon reasoned request of the Director, having obtained the favorable opinion of the Academic Senate and upon notification to the concerned person.

The Secretary General is subject to the regulations and to payment terms and conditions of the Universities' Secretary General.