School Council

The School Council is the advisory body that gathers all the School professors as well as the representatives of the students, of the researchers and of technical-administrative staff.

It is the School Council duty to:

  • discuss the Director's annual final balance on the scientific and didactic activity of the School and provide indications on the future lines of action;
  • examine the annual report submitted by the Students Council;
  • formulate opinions, based on the proposal of the Academic Senate, on the activation, the modification or the suppression of Scientific Areas or of other structures, to be submitted to the Board of Directors. 

The School Council generally meets at least once a year on invitation of the Director, or whenever requested by at least one third of its members.

The School Council, in the restricted composition foreseen by current laws and by the School's regulations that discipline the recruitment procedures of professors and researchers:

  • expresses a non-binding opinion on the announcement of competitions and calls for transfer regarding the positions of full and associate professors and researchers, based on a reasoned proposal by the Academic Senate;
  • formulates proposals on the call for recruitment of full and associate professors and researchers.