Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board is a dedicated body that carries out the disciplinary measures towards full and associate professors and researchers.

The Board operates in accordance with the principle of peer judgment and in respect of cross-examination procedures. For such purpose, the Board is composed of three sections, each one consisting of full-time professors and researchers holders of an open-ended contract, of which three are regular members and two are substitutes. The first section is composed of full professors and is only concerned with full professors, the second one is composed of associate professors and is only concerned with associate professors, and the third section is composed of researchers and is only concerned with researchers. A substitute member shall replace a permanent member in the following cases:

  • when a permanent member has a consanguinity or affinity relationship within the 4th degree with a professor or researcher who is the subject of disciplinary measures;
  • in all cases of absence or other impediment on the part of a permanent member.

In order to compose the Board, each Area proposes a list of three names (a full professor, an associate professor and a researcher holding an open-ended contract) elected from among its members by secret ballot. On the proposed names the Academic Senate expresses its opinion, choosing both the permanent and the substitute members.

The Board deliberates by absolute majority of the members and in case of a tie vote, the vote that is more favorable to the professor or researcher who is the subject of disciplinary measures shall prevail.

The members of the Disciplinary Board remain in office 4 years and their mandate is not renewable.