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Updates from SISSA's task-force on Coronavirus

26 February 2020

Dear all,
this morning the task-force instituted by SISSA to face the COVID-19 emergency met for the first time.

The task-force is composed by the following members:

  • Stefano Ruffo (Director)
  • Gabriele Rizzetto (Secretary General)
  • Tullio Bigiarini (Prevention and Protection Service)
  • Isabella Brumati (Director’s Secretariat)
  • Antonio Fiorito (Occupational Doctor)
  • Erica Maran (Research and Teaching Services)
  • Nico Pitrelli (Media Relations and Communication Unit)
  • Federica Tuniz (Scientific Secretariat)
  • Alessandra Lucatello (Human Resources Area)

The task-force was created to contribute to the compliance with the requirements coming from local and national authorities. Morover, as an employer, SISSA wants to foster the most effective balance between the safety and health needs of its community and the continuation of its activity. All this through coordinated and transparent information.

Due to the complexity of the situation, which is unprecedented for our School, for our country and even globally, we first of all ask for understanding and help. The rules and provisions surrounding COVID-19 is in constant evolution. We will do the our utmost to give the most appropriate answers to your doubts bearing in mind that we’re still facing a situation with a high degree of uncertainty.

In addition to the previous communications from the Director, we inform you that:

  • SISSA’s website will have a dedicated webpage with all the information on the regulations, procedures and SISSA policies on COVID-19, with daily updates
  • This information will also be provided on SISSA’s social media channels
  • For an adequate risk assessment connected to mobility, in order to identify the best preventative measure, you’ll be sent a questionnaire that we’ll kindly ask you to fill in
  • For any further questions and doubts you can write to"> , which will directed your enquiries to the competent persons or offices

We’re sure that this difficult time will be overcome with everyone’s contribution.

We thank you again for your precious help.

Stefano Ruffo

Gabriele Rizzetto