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FRIDa, the images of food

04 Marzo 2013
FoodCAST has created a photo archive to carry out research on food

March 4, 2013 

It's called FRIDa and it's the new image database created at the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste to carry out research on eating behaviors and choices. It is a tool accessible to all and published in the review Human Frontiers in Neuroscience that will be very useful to the international community of scientists who study food-related issues.

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Si chiama FRIDa il database di immagini per fare ricerca sui comportamenti e le decisioni alimentari creato alla Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati SISSA di Trieste. Si tratta di uno strumento accessibile a tutti, pubblicato sulla rivista Human Frontiers in Neuroscience, che sarà utile alla comunità internazionale di scienziati che studiano il cibo.

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