Emergency numbers


In SISSA is running

- an internal telephone number, and a dedicated e-mail address for in-charge First Aid operators:

040 3787 911 (#911) (First Aid Team, this can also be found on First Aid boxes)

911@sissa.it (to report small accidents and to notify lacking of materials on First Aid boxes).


- an internal telephone number and a dedicated e-mail address for in-charge Emergency Evacuation /Fire Protection personnel:

040 3787 555 (#555) (Emergency Team)

555@sissa.it (to report issues related to fire starting and situations that you feel abnormal or potentially dangerous).

Each group includes about twenty people. A call to the 911 or 555 reaches all the operators. The phone of the operator shows the number of the calling user and the time of the call, so the operator knows who has called, even if the user has cannot terminated its call.

In case of non-response the call is diverted to the SISSA Control Room and Reception.

The activation time of 911 and 555 numbers has been set from 9:00am to 5:00pm, working days. During other times they are forwarded to the SISSA Control Room and Reception.

During the activation time of 911 and 555 it is forbidden to call 118 (the National Health Service) or 115 (the Fire Department). Only trained personnel belonging to the First Aid and Emergency groups can carry out an initial assessment or any intervention that could prevent unnecessary calls to 118 or 115.

Remember that throughout the European Union the abuse or simple call "as a joke" of these numbers is considered illegal and punishable by law for false alarm.


Laboratory members understand that laboratory tasks involving increased risk:

  1. Require adequate training and safety equipment (gloves, lab coat, goggles, hood, etc.)
  2. Must be carried out only after informing surrounding lab workers who will provide help in case of an accident
  3. Must be performed only during normal working hours (8.00-17.30) when Emergency personnel is present. You are absolutely forbidden to work by yourself (especially during off-hours) in refrigeration room, or when engaging in complex and dangerous operations!

Every person, in the occurrence of an event judged abnormal or dangerous or in the presence of an alarm signal must conform to the following main BEHAVIORAL NORMS IN EMERGENCY CASES to keep in mind: KEEP CALM AND DON’T PANIC.

In case of EVACUATION ALARM (alarm signal with CONTINUOUS sound)

  1. Secure your machine and / or equipment (e.g. shut down the computer, the photocopying, etc.).
  2. Do not use the telephone service for personal calls.
  3. Dress up, fetch your personal effects, shut the room’s doors and windows, leave calmly the workplace and wait for further instructions (e.g.. for the alarm to stop and/or for evacuation).
  4. In case of evacuation, reach for the emergency exit (see emergency plans), with absolute calm, in line and without running, following the signs posted up to the walls, or the directions of safety staff.
  5. Do not use elevators.
  6. After reaching the evacuation point according to the assigned emergency plan, hold your position. The safety staff will check that nobody strays, and then move from the meeting point to a nearby zone, in order not to interfere with rescue operations, until the emergency is solved.