SCoNE 2014

International Summer School in Social Cognitive Neuroscience

July 21- August 1, 2014

SISSA, Big Meeting Room (7th floor)

Via Bonomea 265, Trieste

Social Cognitive Neuroscience is an emerging field with an interdisciplinary vision on human behavior in a social context. This perspective, built on the confluence of neurological, cognitive, and social sciences, addresses fundamental questions about the interaction between the mind/brain and the social world.

Immersed in this intensive two-week program, participants work alongside faculty members promoting theoretical and practical interactions. SCoNe School is organized in two modules: Neuroscience of Social Information Processing (social judgment, stereotyping, prejudice, face perception and emotion), and Neuroscience of Food (neurobehavioral mechanisms of appetitive motivation, reward, and food preferences in humans and primates). Each one-week module is organized in morning general overview lectures and afternoon focused-tutorials on methods tied to social cognitive neuroscience.

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The speakers at SCoNe 2014 are:


  • Raffaella Rumiati - SISSA (Italy)
  • Francesco Foroni - SISSA (Italy)
  • David Amodio - NYU (USA)
  • Giuseppe di Pellegrino - Università di Bologna (Italy)
  • Stefano Cappa - IUSS (Italy)


  • Raffaella Rumiati - SISSA (Italy)
  • Francesco Foroni - SISSA (Italy)
  • Paola Mengotti - SISSA (Italy)
  • Marilena Aiello - SISSA (Italy)
  • Elisabetta Ambron - SISSA (Italy)