The biological origin of the conscious mind

Consciousness is a grand symphonic piece that makes sense of the world. This analogy summarizes one of the highest achievements of Antonio Damasio, one of the world’s leading neuroscientists, who will be awarded the PhD honoris causa by SISSA, Trieste, on 31 January 2017. In his Lectio magistralis, entitled “Body and mind: homeostasis, feeling and cultures”, the Portuguese-American scientist will present some of the groundbreaking results of his career.

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ASTROFISICA | Anche gli ammassi di galassie brillano di luce gamma

 18-01-2017 Un nuovo studio sulle mappe ottenute dal satellite Fermi della NASA ha permesso di rivelare, per la prima volta in modo chiaro, l’emissione di raggi gamma associata agli ammassi di galassie. La ricerca ha visto la partecipazione della Sissa, accanto a INAF, INFN, Università di Roma Tre, Torino, Aachen, Manchester e Pechino. 

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Symmetries in physics

On Wednesday 18 January 2017, Elena Castellani, science philosopher and writer of the University of Florence, will give a seminar on the historical and philosophical aspects of symmetries in physics. The talk will present the historical roots of the concept of symmetry and, then, will provide an overview of the intellectual debate on  this topic. It will highlight how the issues discussed relate to more traditional themes in the philosophy of science, such as the status of the laws of nature and, more generally, the relationships between mathematics, physical theory and the world.

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Famelab 2017

Famelab is back on stage! Famelab is the international competition that challenges young scientists with a flair for communication to tell in just 3 minutes the object of their study, or a fascinating scientific topic. SISSA is one of the partners of the Trieste edition, that will take place on Wednesday 22 February 2017 at the Miela theatre from 9 a.m.. Famelab Trieste is organized by Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico in collaboration with AREA Science Park, Comune di Trieste, Università degli Studi di Trieste e Università degli Studi di Udine.

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Tutta salute, Rai3: intervista a Cristian Micheletti e Antonio Lanza

 12-01-2017 Grazie ai supercomputer è stato possibile capire come si ripiega il DNA all'interno delle cellule. La scoperta è stata presentata oggi su Rai 3 e l'intervista a Cristian Micheletti e Antonio Lanza è visibile al minuto 32.32, cliccando qui

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Giornata dedicata a 500 studenti degli ultimi due anni delle scuole superiori, che visiteranno la Sissa per conoscerne più da vicino le attività.

PhD honoris causa to Antonio Damasio: ceremony cancelled

The PhD honoris causa award ceremony, planned for today 31 January 2017 in SISSA, Trieste, has been cancelled. Antonio Damasio will not be able to attend because of an unexpected indisposition.

Le simmetrie in fisica: storia e aspetti filosofici

Elena Castellani (Florence University) will hold a conference about the crucial role of the "simmetry" concept in the scientific thinking development. 

The smell of terroir

Our nose abilities are greater than we expected. In fact, our olfactory system allows us to distinguish two wines differing for grape variety and, even, for production geographical area, a feature defined terroir by experts. This is the evidence emerged from a new research, published in the journal Food quality and preference, carried out at SISSA by Francesco Foroni, now at the Australian Catholic University, together with other scientists led by SISSA neuroscientist Raffaella Rumiati and the collaboration of the University of Padua.

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Physico-mathematical methods for complex data


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