A fundraising relay in SISSA Park...read more
A SISSA study limits the role of emotions in moral decisions
Empathy and emotional awareness do not affect our moral decisions. This is suggested by a new study published on Social Neuroscience and led by SISSA neuroscientist Marilena Aiello. Our choices do not depend on our empathy. The difference, instead, lies in our emotional reactions, more...read more
Future is your business
You have time until 28 February 2017 to register for the business plan competition Start Cup FVG. The initiative is open to everyone: students, graduates, entrepreneurs, natural or legal persons. You can register to candidate your innovative business projects through the website ...read more
The science talent show!
Famelab is back on stage! Famelab is the international competition that challenges young scientists with a flair for communication to tell in just 3 minutes the object of their study, or a fascinating scientific topic. SISSA is one of the partners of the Trieste edition, that will take...read more


Latest News

SISSA Student day is back! Wednesday 8 February will be totally dedicated to youngsters, free to choose whether to visit labs, the exhibition about the story of the Universe located in SISSA 130 metre corridor or attend interactive lessons and seminars.

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A laser pulse can drive materials towards new states where they acquire proprieties potentially useful for innovative microelectronics applications.

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