Abstracting relations between objects: a primary cognitive ability
Only human beings (with rare exceptions) are able to grasp analogies. A study carried out in collaboration with SISSA has investigated the origin of this ability, which precedes linguistic ability and forms the basis of highly sophisticated reasoning. The study has been published in the...read more
Destined never to relax: a theoretical study on quantum systems
According to classical physics, the universe tends to equilibrium but the same does not apply to quantum systems, which are destined to shift constantly between different configurations without ever finding peace. A theoretical study conducted by SISSA and the University of Oxford...read more
Appuntamento per imparare a programmare giocando
Aiutare i bambini a imparare l’informatica in modo divertente e con un approccio intuitivo, questo è quello che l’iniziativa CoderDojo fa in tutto il mondo, Trieste compresa. Il prossimo appuntamento nella nostra città è alla Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) di...read more
The second edition of the master is set to start
Students who have just completed the first edition of the Master in High Performance Computing (MHPC) held at SISSA/ICTP last year (and who still have to finish their dissertations) are already starting to work in the field. Now it is time to select candidates for the 2015-2016 academic...read more
A workshop in honor of professor Tim Shallice
June 29-30, 2015 SISSA, Big Meeting Room, 7th floor Via Bonomea 265, Trieste SISSA will host a workshop entitled “Semantic processing and its disorders” in honor of Prof. Tim Shallice. Alfonso Caramazza, Maria Gorno-Tempini, Alex Martin, Morris Moscovitch, Matthew Lambon-Ralph, David...read more
From Electrophysiology to Imaging and BioNanotechnology
June 8 - 19, 2015 SISSA, Via Bonomea 265, Trieste Room 004, Ground Floor The School aims to provide practical and theoretical training on the application of a large spectrum of techniques to neuroscience. The course will have sessions with tutorial lectures and sessions with hands-on...read more
sostieni la SISSA
L'autismo e le malattie neurodegenerative, come l'Alzheimer e il Parkinson, ma anche le lesioni spinali sono problemi gravi che affliggono molte persone, in Italia e in tutto il mondo. La ricerca scientifica sta facendo grandi passi in avanti nel comprenderne i meccanismi. La scienza può...read more


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Little is known about how the proteins forming ion channels – the “pores” on the cell membrane - change when they open and close, especially the portion that is “embedded” in the membrane.

... read more
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