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SISSA Summer festival is back

13 June 2019
Plays, concerts, readings and much more! Four events merging art and science

The initiative includes three events exploring the relationship between science and theatre in its various forms and a satellite event by the Conservatorio di Musica di Trieste “G. Tartini". The Festival, organized by SISSA and the Municipality of Trieste, is realized in collaboration with Festival Approdi and is part of the proESOF project.

The initiative is open to the public and free. The events, all in Italian, will move to the Main Lecture Hall “P. Budinich” in case of bad weather. Guests arriving by car may avail of the SISSA parking facilities.


  • Thursday 20 June - 9.00 pm, Open-air theatre
    Entrosfera | Dramatized reading
    At a depth of three hundred meters, on the Pacific Ocean seabed, lies a mysterious space ship of unprecedented size. Where did it come from? From an alien civilization? From another universe? From the future through a black hole? To solve the enigma, a team of scientists is sent to the scene while the sea suddenly populates with monstrous creatures. Drama and direction by Giovanni Boni; with Giovanni Boni, Elke Burul, Lorenzo Acquaviva, Lorenzo Zuffi. Produced by Festival Approdi.
  • Wednesday26 June - 7.00 pm, Aula Magna "P. Budinich" | SATELLITE EVENT
    Claire de…Jazz | Interactive concert
    A musical itinerary, from Debussy to jazz. Musicians from all nations taking part in GMEL (Global Music Education League) join together for a remote live concert and an interactive performance. By Conservatorio di Musica "G. Tartini" di Trieste.
  • Thursday 27 June - 9.00 pm, Open-air theatre
    Albert sul divano. Einstein on the couch | Mise en espace / concert
    In his home in Princeton the scientist draws some conclusions on his scientific and personal life, talking with extreme openness and kindness about: his relationship with life, politics, science, the world conflict that he witnessed, with the attempt to modify the fate of war through his famous letter to Harry Truman. Drama and direction by Lorenzo Acquaviva; with Francesco Migliaccio and Lorenzo Acquaviva, in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica di Trieste “G. Tartini”. Produced by Festival Approdi.
  • Thursday 4 July - 9.00 pm, Open-air theatre
    Elena Cornaro. Per tutte le altre | Theatre show
    Born in Venice in 1646, daughter of a nobleman and a working-class girl, Elena Cornaro has shown an extraordinary intelligence since she was a child. The father favours her desire for knowledge, passing her down his passion for reading and allowing her to study. Soon knowledge becomes the only love of her life. But in the seventeenth century an educated girl is frowned upon. Thus she begins an obstacle course, made up of brilliant intuitions, difficult choices and resistance, which leads her to become the first graduated woman in the world. Written by Silvia Gualtieri, music by Salvatore Russotto; with Silvia Gualtieri and Salvatore Russotto. Produced by Festival Approdi.