International scientific meeting "The Evolution of Knowledge"

The conference will be held in Trieste from 14 to 16 July
Evolution of Knowledge

From the evolution of writing to the industrial revolution, from the origin of mathematics to the anthropocene: human history is the history of knowledge and its change. This is the central theme of “The Evolution of Knowledge”, an ambitious congress based on the eponymous work of Jürgen Renn, one of the most important living historians of science, which will take place in Trieste from 14 to 16 July.

The programme of the conference is available here.


The scientific programme of the conference will be enriched by public events. On Friday 15 July at 7.00 pm at Teatro Miela the event “Su scuola e università”, a dialogue between the philosopher Nuccio Ordine and the physicist, and former Director of SISSA, Stefano Ruffo, moderated by Pier Luigi Vercesi of Corriere della Sera.

Saturday 16, again at 7 pm at Teatro Miela, the presentation of the book Einstein on Einstein which narrates the life of the most famous physicist through his autobiographical writings. The appointment with the authors Jurgen Renn and Hanoch Gutfreund, Director of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a satellite event of the scientific-literary festival Scienza e Virgola. 

From 8.30 pm there will be a concert by Ottodix, pseudonym of the contemporary artist and singer-songwriter Alessandro Zannier, entitled “Entanglement”. Inspired by the physical phenomenon of the same name, the concert is a journey through songs between continents, oceans, polar areas and remote islands, to reflect on human intertwining and global hyper-connection.


The conference is the result of an international collaboration between SISSA, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and once again confirms the special relationship between Max Planck Institute and Italian institutions of excellence.


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The public events are free and without the need for reservations.