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“L’infinita scienza di Leopardi” and “The wonders of theoretical physics”

11 October 2019
A new book and a conference pay tribute to SISSA professor Giuseppe Mussardo

Two important initiatives pay tribute to the multifaced talent and the exceptional scientific career of SISSA professor Giuseppe Mussardo. On Saturday 26 October Mussardo's new book dedicated to Giacomo Leopardi and his scientific interests will be previewed at Ubik bookstore, Trieste, starting from 6.30 pm. Written with Gaspare Polizzi, who is one of the main experts of the Recanati’s poet, the book “is a trip aimed to discover the scientific passions of this author, such as the fascination for the celestial vault, the Moon, the stars, his love for chemistry and its countless manifestations, and his thoughts on the infinite”. The event will be held in Italian.

Moreover, a conference entitled “The wonders of theoretical physics” at the International Centre of Theoretical Physics Abdus Salam (ICTP) from 23 to 25 October. The three-day event, which celebrates his scientific career on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, will cover many many aspects of theoretical and statistical physics will be discussed, areas in which Professor Mussardo has made great contributions. These include, among others, two-dimensional quantum field theories, exactly solvable and integrable models, non-equilibrium quantum systems, low-dimensional cold atoms, topology, and, more recently, the connection between number theory and physics.

Colleagues, long-term collaborators, former postdocs, as well as former students of the PhD in Statistical Physics which Mussardo promoted in SISSA in 2005 and directed till 2015 are gathering together to celebrate the achievements of Giuseppe in such diverse fields on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Some world-leading experts in theoretical physics and math will join the celebration: John Cardy (recipient of the Onsager prize, Boltzmann medal and Dirac medal), Alexander Zamolodchikov (recipient of the Onsager prize and Dirac medal), Don Zagier (recipient of the Cole Prize in Number Theory), to mention a few.