Gravity as Thermodynamics: towards the microscopic origin of geometry

ESF Exploratory Workshop

5-8 September – 2011

SISSA/ISAS Trieste – Italy

Workshop on “Gravity as Thermodynamics: towards the microscopic origin of geometry”


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The focus of the workshop is the thermodynamical properties and possible nature of spacetime and the idea that spacetime geometry could be ultimately understood as a thermodynamical variable describing the collective behavior of quantum spacetime degrees of freedom. We will collect ideas from different quantum gravity models, condensed matter theory and quantum information, and discuss recent results in this thermodynamics approach to classical gravity. Obviously, arguments for this thermodynamic view of gravity as well as criticisms of it will be presented. The aim is to explore the possibility of a complete reformulation of geometrodynamics as thermodynamics, and to gain insights into its microscopic origin and the physical process of its emergence. The workshop will set the framework for new research collaborations between researcher in different disciplines with an interest, even if critical, in this perspective on gravity.

Participation is upon invitation only.


Dates & Venue

5 – 8 September 2011
SISSA/Intenational School for Advanced Studies
Trieste, Italy

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