The molecular mechanism underlying the physiological function of PrPC
The cellular prion protein (PrPC) has the ability to protect the brain’s neurons. Although scientists have known about this protective physiological function for some time, they were lacking detailed knowledge of the molecular mechanism underlying it. This gap has been filled by a new...read more
Faces displaying emotions change the course of our actions
The sudden appearance of a face within our visual field can affect the motor action accompanying a gesture even if the face is totally unrelated to what we are doing and even if we try to ignore it. At one condition, though: the face must display an emotionally significant expression. A...read more
The hippocampus stores more place maps than expected
The hippocampus – a structure in the brain – contains the representation of the environment we move in. But how many maps is it able to store without confusing one place with another? Quite a few, more than had been observed until now. That is the main finding of a study just published in...read more
Study narrows the scope of research on quantum computing
According to many scientists, quantum computers will have great importance in the future but, despite all efforts, research in this field is still in its infancy. One of the difficulties is understanding what criteria a quantum system should meet to be able to solve problems that are...read more
Non-motor disorders involved in changes in weight and food intake
A review of the scientific literature on Parkinson’s disease, conducted by SISSA research scientists, shows that even the non-motor symptoms associated with the disease can contribute to the changes in body weight seen in patients (including those subjected to deep brain stimulation)....read more


  • Dr Jekyll e Mr AIDS 1 dicembre 2014, 19.30 Teatro Miela,  P.zza Duca degli Abruzzi, 3, Trieste Il progetto CommHERE del Laboratorio Interdisciplinare della SISSA presenterà il 1 dicembre 2014, ore 19:30 presso il ... read more
    Advances and Perspectives in the Calculus of Variations December 5, 2014  09:00 to 18:30 Room A-128 SISSA A one day meeting gathering all former and present Ph.D. students of Gianni Dal Maso. The aim is to provide an opportunity ... read more
  • Premi e medaglie per il Welcome Day 2014 Il 19 novembre si è svolto il Welcome Day della SISSA. Per l’occasione sono stati assegnati numerosi premi e medaglie. Il premio per la Miglior tesi di PHD in Fisica (Premio in memoria di Francesco ... read more
    Mathesia Project November 13, 11 am Room A-004, SISSA Via Bonomea 265, Trieste SISSA mathLab, MOXOFF and SIMAI (Società Italiana Matematica Applicata all'Industria) will be presenting the Mathesia project on ... read more
  • L’Oreal Italia per le donne e la scienza 2014-2015 Cinque giovani ricercatrici under 35, selezionate da una giuria presieduta dal Prof. Umberto Veronesi, riceveranno una borsa di studio del valore di 15.000 euro Una giuria presieduta dal prof. Umberto ... read more
    MCA 2014 Graduation Ceremony October 17, 4.00 pm Big Meeting Room, 7th floor SISSA - Trieste Master in Complex Actions: A real path for an innovation based career Come to toast to the 2014 graduates and enjoy the pitches ... read more
  • Neuro-Enhancement - Le ricerche in Italia Museo MAXXI di Roma, 18 ottobre 2014 Sala Graziella Lonardi Buontempo, ore 15.00-19.00 La conferenza rientra nel progetto europeo NERRI (Neuro-Enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation), ... read more
    Riparte SISSA per la scuola SISSA per la Scuola (il servizio che fa parte del circuito internazionale Children’s University) inaugura giovedì 16 ottobre la terza stagione di visite per le scuole. Anche quest’anno, la sede della SISSA in ... read more

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5 December 2014, 4.00 pm

Kastler Room, Adriatico Guest House

Riva Massimiliano e Carlotta, Grignano, Trieste

... read more

2 dicembre, 18.30

SISSA, Aula Magna “P. Budinich”

Via Bonomea 265, Trieste


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