A seminar tackles the historical and philosophical aspects
On Wednesday 18 January 2017, Elena Castellani, science philosopher and writer of the University of Florence, will give a seminar on the historical and philosophical aspects of symmetries in physics. The talk will present the historical roots of the concept of symmetry and, then, will...read more
The science talent show!
Famelab is back on stage! Famelab is the international competition that challenges young scientists with a flair for communication to tell in just 3 minutes the object of their study, or a fascinating scientific topic. SISSA is one of the partners of the Trieste edition, that will take...read more
A new SISSA study reveals our olfactory discrimination abilities
Our nose abilities are greater than we expected. In fact, our olfactory system allows us to distinguish two wines differing for grape variety and, even, for production geographical area, a feature defined terroir by experts. This is the evidence emerged from a new research, published in...read more
Innovative materials designed through ultrafast computers
SISSA is hosting the first of a series of meetings to discuss potential scenarios. To talk about the advancements and perspectives of this area, some of the top scientists in the field will be meeting on 10 and 11 January 2017 at SISSA, Trieste, Italy. The initiative is among the...read more
L’istituto triestino tra i migliori d’Italia
La SISSA di Trieste tra le eccellenze della ricerca italiana. È questo il verdetto dell’ANVUR, l’Agenzia di valutazione del sistema universitario e della ricerca, che ha reso nota ieri la classifica dei migliori atenei d’Italia nella Valutazione della Qualità della Ricerca (VQR). La SISSA...read more


Latest News

Although our genes normally come in pairs (one on each homologous chromosome), sometimes one of them is missing and the “surviving” one is unable to do all the work (it is referred as "haploinsufficient"): this situation can give rise to very serious diseases. So what can be done to fight these, often neurological, diseases?

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Statistical analysis of mini-spiral galaxies shows an unexpected interaction between dark matter and ordinary matter. 

... read more
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