A “party” and an appointment with leading neuroscientists at SISSA
29-30 giugno 2015 SISSA,via Bonomea 265, Trieste Tim Shallice is one of the founding fathers of modern neuroscience. Colleagues at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) are celebrating his 75th birthday by inviting leading figures on the international neuroscience scene to...read more
They widen and narrow to adapt to what’s passing
The Nobel Prize winner Roderick MacKinnon suggested that ion channels (the pores on the cell membrane that regulate the exchange of ions between the inside and outside of cells) were like rigid tubes through which molecules of varying size move. Now it seems that he was wrong: a team of...read more
A simple reversible process that changes friction in the nanoworld
It’s possible to vary (even dramatically) the sliding properties of atoms on a surface by changing the size and “compression” of their aggregates: an experimental and theoretical study conducted with the collaboration of SISSA, the Istituto Officina dei Materiali of the CNR (Iom-Cnr-...read more
sostieni la SISSA
L'autismo e le malattie neurodegenerative, come l'Alzheimer e il Parkinson, ma anche le lesioni spinali sono problemi gravi che affliggono molte persone, in Italia e in tutto il mondo. La ricerca scientifica sta facendo grandi passi in avanti nel comprenderne i meccanismi. La scienza può...read more




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