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The nearest airport is Trieste Airport (IATA code: TRS) in Ronchi dei Legionari. It's a small international airport, hence operations are fast enough. The best connection is by bus N.51, half an hour a trip from airport to Trieste railstation; tickets may be bought onboard, but it is MUCH better to buy them at the ticket machine or the tourist office (both inside the terminal). There is approximately a bus every half an hour (download timetable).

The other natural choice is the "Marco Polo" Airport of Venezia. In this case the connection is more indirect: you must take a bus to Venezia-Mestre Railstation. There you will find a train to Trieste almost every hour, the trip takes somewhat less than two hours. Beware: there are trains to Trieste which take about three hours, they make a different, noncommutative path (through Udine); skip those trains!

Ljubljana airport in Slovenia is not far from Trieste, but links are not very good (train takes some 3h20′); hence we do not advise landing in Ljubljana.

From Railstation to the Residence Le Terrazze

A five minutes walk: cross the square of the station (piazza della libertà); to the right of the Hotel Impero take via Ghega and follow it up to Piazza Dalmazia; turn right in via Filzi, N.21.

From Railstation to the Residence del Mare

You may reach the Residence del Mare by taxi (around 7 euros); taxies are on the right side of the station, if looking at the main entrance from outside.

Otherwise you may take bus number 8 or 30 from railstation and get out nearby the "Stazione Marittima" and the Excelsior Hotel. Then walk via Felice Venezian, then third right (via di Cavana) and immediately on the left, via Madonna del Mare (it takes three minutes from the bus stop). See the map. Or you may take bus n. 24 from railstation: it stops exactly in front of the residence but it runs once only every 40 minutes during the day.

The "Stazione Marittima" is a big, long building on a pier, and is a good reference point on the main road ("riva Nazario Sauro") close to the Residence del Mare.

the old Ship Station

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