Alumni of the AstroParticle Physics Curriculum

Name Year Supervisors Thesis Title File Position after SISSA
Jacopo Mazza 2023 S. Liberati Into the Heart of Darkness: Theory and Phenomenology of Regular Black Holes Postdoc at IJCLab (Orsay)
Maria Berti 2023 M. Viel, M. Spinelli Probing the LCDM Universe and beyond with present and future 21cm Intensity Mapping surveys Postdoc at University of Geneva
Giovanni Galati 2023 M. Serone Aspects of (generalized) symmetries Postdoc Brussels University (PTM)
Davide Dal Cin 2023 T. Kobayashi Ultraviolet aspects of Peccei--Quinn Inflation
Kevin Pardede 2023 M. Viel, E. Sefusatti Toward Precision Cosmology with the Galaxy Bispectrum Postdoc at INFN (Parma)
Mateja Boskovic 2023 E. Barausse Probing scalar particles and forces with compact objects Postdoc at DESY (Germany)
Oleg Melichev 2022 R. Percacci Quantum Aspects of Metric-Affine Gravity Postdoc at ShangaiTech University (Shangai)
Alessandro Granelli 2022 S. T. Petcov, P. Ullio Aspects of Leptogenesis Scenarios at Grand Unification and Sub-TeV Scales and Their Possible Low-Energy Tests Postdoc at University of Bologna (DIFA)
Lotte ter Haar 2022 E. Barausse, S. Liberati Phenomenological Aspects of Gravity beyond General Relativity
Miguel Vanvlasselaer 2022 A. Azatov Dynamics of phase transitions in the early universe and cosmological consequences Postdoc at Brussels University, IIHE
Lara Delgado 2022 E. Barausse The strong gravitational field regime of compact objects beyond General Relativity Postdoc at Max Planck Institute (Potsdam)
Alexandru Dima 2021 E. Barausse Testing the gravitational phenomenology of compact objects: superradiance, scalarization and screening mechanisms postdoc at Urbana Champaign Univ. (United States)
Pavel Novichkov 2021 S. Petcov Aspects of the Modular Symmetry Approach to Lepton Flavour postdoc at CEA - Saclay (France)
Vicharit Yingcharoen 2021 P. Creminelli Beyond Perturbation Theory in Cosmology postdoc at Kavli IPMU Tokyo (Japan)
Jan Tristram Acuna 2021 P. Ullio Complementary probes of the nature of dark matter postdoc at Nanjing Normal Univ (China)
Dimitar Ivanov 2020 S. Liberati, M. Viel Testing deviations from LCDM model with electromagnetic and gravitational waves working for private company Data Science
Andrea Oddo 2020 E. Sefusatti Toward a complete cosmological analysis of galaxy clustering measurements from spectroscopic redshift surveys outreach activities - SISSA Medialab
Giovanni Tambalo 2020 P. Creminelli Gravitational wave decay: implications for cosmological scalar-tensor theories postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for Gravitational physics
Alessandro Morandini 2020 A. De Simone Tackling the dark matter problem: a phenomenologist's perspective postdoctoral researcher in Aachen University
Francesco Di Filippo 2020 S. Liberati Beyond General Relativity: modified theories and non-singular Black Holes Postdoctoral Researcher presso Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.
Giovanni Tricella 2020 S. Liberati Analogue gravity: between analogy and emergence private company
Alessandro Davoli 2019 A. D. Simone A journey in dark matter models with non-standard features Private company (data science)
Jiaxin Wang 2019 P. Ullio Numerical approaches towards the galactic synchrotron emission Postdoc Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Mihael Petac 2019 P. Ullio Galactic Dark Matter distribution and its implication for experimental searches Postdoc in Montpellier, France (LUPM institute)
Rodrigo de León Ardón 2018 R. Percacci Different formulations of Gravity and their equivalence at classical and quantum level Research associate at ICTP
Yakefu Reyimuaji 2018 A. Romanino Phenomenological Applications of Effective Field Theory: Neutrinos and LHC Physics Post-doc at Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lorenzo Bordin 2018 P. Creminelli Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Primordial Tensor Modes Postdoctoral Fellow at Nottingham University
Vedran Skrinjar 2018 R. Percacci Asymptotically Safe Quantum Field Theories in Perturbative Regime and Beyond Consultant for Private Company
Costantino Pacilio 2018 S. Liberati Black holes beyond general relativity: theoretical and phenomenological developments. Master in High Performance Computing
Ramit Dey 2017 S. Liberati Thermodynamical Aspects of Gravity: From Event Horizon to Emergent Gravity Postdoctoral fellowship at University of Western Ontario
Marco Letizia 2017 S. Liberati Probing the spacetime fabric: from fundamental discreteness to quantum geometries Post-doc at Perimeter Institute (Della Riccia funding)
Ernesto Lopez Fune 2017 P. Salucci Dark Matter and Galaxy Rotation Curves Postdoctoral Scientist at Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes Energies ( LPNHE - UPMC / IN2P3 / CNRS)
Peter Labus 2017 R. Percacci Matter Fields in Asymptotically Safe Quantum Field Theories of Gravity Postdoctoral fellowship at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM
Alessio Belenchia 2016 S. Liberati Exploring Spacetime Phenomenology: From Lorentz Violations to Experimental Tests of Non-locality Post-doc at IQOQI in Vienna
Alejandro Castedo Echeverri 2016 M. Serone CFTs and the Bootstrap Private Company
Elena Massara 2016 M. Viel, R. K. Sheth Neutrinos and voids in modern cosmology Postdoctoral Fellow at Berkeley University
Mauro Valli 2016 P. Ullio A glimpse on Dark Matter particles shining through the gamma-ray Sky Post-doc at INFN Rome
Emanuele Castorina 2015 R. K. Sheth, E. Sefusatti Massive neutrinos and the Large Structure of the Universe Post-doc at Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics
Bethan Cropp 2015 S. Liberati Strange horizons: understanding causal barriers beyond general relativity Post-doc at University of Kerala, India
Michele Lucente 2015 A. Abada, G. Martinelli Implication of Sterile Fermions in Particle Physics and Cosmology Post-doc at CP3, University of Leuven
Gabriele Trevisan 2015 P. Creminelli Aspects of inflationary cosmology Post-doc at CCPP, New York University
Marko Simonovic 2014 P. Creminelli Cosmological Consistency Relations Post-doc at IAS in Princeton, New Jersey
David Marzocca 2014 A. Romanino, M. Serone Higgs and beyond in the LHC era Post-doc at University of Zurich
Carlo Pagani 2014 R. Percacci Applications of the functional renormalization group in curved spacetime Post-doc at Mainz University
Dario Bettoni 2013 S. Liberati
C. Baccigalupi
Framing the dark: theory and phenomenology af a non-minimally coupled dark matter fluid Post-doc position at Technion, Haifa (Israel)
Aurora Meroni 2013 S. Petcov The nature of Massive Neutrinos and Unified Theories of Flavour Post-doc at INFN Frascati
Giulio D'Odorico 2013 R. Percacci Applications of the Functional Renormalization Group: from Statistical Models to Quantum Gravity Post-doc at Radboud University Nijmegen
Hani Santosa 2013 P. Ullio Dark Matter Indirect Detection and Subhalos Lecturer at STKIP Surya, Banten, Indonesia
Giorgio Arcadi 2012 P. Ullio Interplay between Generation Mechanisms and Detection of Supersymmetric Dark Matter in the LHC Era Post-doc Invisible Fellowship, Goettingen University, Goettingen, Germany
Alessandro Lovato 2012 S. Fantoni
O. Benhar
Ab initio calculations on nuclear matter properties including the effects of three-nucleons interaction Post-doc at ALCF, Argonne National Laboratory
Angus Prain 2012 S. Liberati The Analogue Gravity Challenge The bridge from Theory to Experiment Post-doc at Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Maryam Tavakoli 2012 P. Ullio Porperties of Interstellar Medium and Cosmic Rays Propagation; Impacts on Indirect Dark Matter Searches Long term visitor at DESY
Vincenzo Vitagliano 2011 S. Liberati Gravity beyond General Relativity: theory and phenomenology Post-doc at CENTRA, Lisbon, Portugal
Adriano Contillo 2011 R. Percacci
A. Bonanno
Renormalisation group improvement of the early universe dynamics Post-doc at the Institute of Physics, University of Mainz
Guido D'Amico 2010 P. Creminelli Dark Energy and Non-Gaussianity through the Large Scale Structure Post-doc at Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, New York University
Jorge Ivan Noreña Sanchez 2010 P. Creminelli Topics on cosmological non-Gaussianity Post-doc at ICC, University of Barcelona
Marco Nardecchia 2010 A. Romanino Phenomenological aspects of supersymmetry breaking Research associate, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Omar Zanusso 2010 R. Percacci Selected applications of functional renormalization group Post-doc at Radboud University Nijmegen, Germany
Gaurav Narain 2010 R. Percacci Renormalization group studies of scalar-tensor theories of gravity Post-doc at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Taramani, India
Lorenzo Sindoni 2009 S. Liberati Emergent Gravity : The Analogue Models Perspective Post-doc at Albert Einstein Institute, Golm, Germany
Luca Maccione 2008 S. Liberati,
A. Celotti
High Energy Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays and Fundamental Physics TNG Technology Consulting GmbH
Christiane Frigerio Martins 2008 P. Salucci The distribution of the dark matter in galaxies as the imprint of its nature Researcher at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil
Marco Regis 2008 P. Ullio Aspects of WIMP dark matter: Multi-wavelength signals and extra-dimension scenarios Post-doc at Cape Town University
Christoph Rahmede 2008 R. Percacci,
S. Liberati
Investigating the ultraviolet properties of gravity with a Wilsonian renormalization group equation Researcher at Karlsruhe University
Thomas Sotiriou 2007 S. Liberati
J. Miller
Modified Actions for Gravity: Theory and Phenomenology Reader at the Nottingham University