Astrophysics and Cosmology Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. consists of four years of study and research. During the first year, students are offered a number of courses (see section Teaching) covering a wide spectrum of topics, and undergo examination on a selection of them. By the beginning of the second year they start a research project under the supervision of one or more staff members (see section Training).

Students will benefit from the interaction with a group of about 40 people. In addition to this core, they will get the chance to be exposed to the interaction with the rest of the SISSA students, postdocs and staff. In particular they will enjoy the local wide expertise in Astroparticle Physics and Particle Physics present in SISSA and other important institutions in the area like ICTP, INAF/OATS, INFN, and IFPU. During the years in SISSA they will also benefit from international networking with scientists from all over the world. We think that this stimulating environment makes a Ph.D. at SISSA in Astrophysics and Cosmology a very special opportunity for people seeking the possibility to be endowed with an uncommonly broad knowledge and to apply it to the forefront of the most daunting questions in modern astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics.

The main research lines include:

  • Physical cosmology
  • Galaxy formation & evolution
  • Stellar structure & evolution
  • Gravitational waves and gravity theory
  • Dark matter and dark energy
  • Multimessenger astrophysics
  • Galaxy clusters & Large Scale Structure
  • Astrochemistry & astrobiology
  • Analysis of astrophysical/cosmological datasets
  • Computational astrophysics

The students are selected yearly by means of an entrance examination held in Trieste; non-EU students can also be admitted through a pre-selection based on academic qualifications only (see for further details the section Admission). The School offers a number of grants (approximately € 1.100 net/month), depending on the amount of funds available, for 4 years of study and research. A contribution towards living expenses of the amount of € 1.200,00 gross per year will also be awarded to those who will submit a regular rental contract.

At the end of the course of study and research students are admitted to the final examination to obtain the Ph.D. degree, equivalent to the Italian "Dottore di ricerca".

For further and more detailed information you can read the vademecum for first year students: vademecum