PhD Courses

Courses will be held in rooms 135 (first floor). The Coordinator will inform you of any room change when necessary. The timetable can be found here. Please check it regularly.

Courses for the Academic Year 2022/2023

Course Lecturers Credits Period
Galaxy Formation and Evolution Andrea Lapi 4 I
Introduction to General Relativity Antonio Lanza 3.5 I
Stellar Structure and Evolution Alessandro Bressan 3.5 I
Cosmology Luigi Danese 3.5 I
Radiative Processes in Astrophysics Francesca Perrotta 2 I
Data Analysis in Astrophysics Giancarlo Ghirlanda 0.5 II
Gamma Ray Bursts and Cosmic Rays Lara Nava 2 III
Gravitational Waves Enrico Barausse 2 II
Advanced GR and QFT in Curved Spacetimes Stefano Liberati 4.5 II
Computational Physics Riccardo Valdarnini 2 I
Intergalactic Medium Stefano Cristiani 1.5 II
Dark Matter Paolo Salucci 3 II
Early Universe Sabino Matarrese 1 II
Large Scale Structures Riccardo Valdarnini 1.5 II
Structure Formation Matteo Viel 3 II
(Sub)mm and Radio Astronomy Marcella Massardi 2 III
Compact Objects Ilia Musco, John Miller 2 III
Linear Cosmological Perturbations and CMB anisotropies Carlo Baccigalupi 3 II
High Energy Astrophysics Annalisa Celotti 2 I
Star Dynamics: Explosive Nucleosynthesis Marco Limongi 1 III
Astrobiology Giovanni Vladilo 2 III
Binary Stars: Birth, Life and Death Mario Spera 3 III
B-modes in CMB polarization Davide Poletti 1 II
Statistical Modeling and Inference Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff 3 I
Inflation and Dark Energy Paolo Creminelli, Mehrdad Mirbabayi 4 III
Artificial Neural Networks Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff 1 III