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Dark Matter II 3
Paolo Salucci


1. Phenomenology of the Mass Discrepancy in virialized objects
2,3. The distribution of Dark and Luminous matter in Galaxies
4. The Tully-Fisher-like relationships. The Fundamental plane of Ellipticals. Exercises of mass modelling
5. The properties of Dark Matter halos around galaxies of different Hubble Types
6. The Halo and Baryonic Mass Functions. Size, Age, Masses of Galaxies and Clusters
7,8. The Nature of the DM phenomenon from the detailed mass distribution in virialized objects
9. DE as lambda, equation of state, fine tuning and coincidence problem, scalar field models
10. Example of potentials, attractor solutions, early dark energy, reconstruction of quintessence from observations, w/w' plane and current limits
11. Alternative models: scalar tensor, voids, coupled dark energy, dark energy and neutrinos, chamaleons. Perturbations of a scalar field, sound speed, growth function and gravitational potentials
12. Impact on CMB and structure formation (ex. on spherical collapse and N-body simulations), future probes planned for DE (DES, LSST, Euclid)



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