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Foundations of Physical
Oct 2 - Oct 26 1
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Matteo Viel Mon-Thu, 10:00 - 11:15 1


  • Isotropy and homogeneity of the Universe; Hubble law; Friedmann equations in Newtonian Gravity.
  • Metrics, FRW metric
  • Distances
  • Derivation of Friedmann equations in GR; Evolution of different models of the Universe.
  • Cosmography
  • Horizons
  • Inflation (Baumann lectures) + working example of power law inflation with tracking solution from Weinberg book.
  • Dark Matter: motivations and dark matter probes (clusters, galaxies, CMB), thermal relics and WIMP miracle.
  • Dark Energy: SNe, parameterizations of DE, DE reconstruction, theoretical expectations.
  • Number counts as cosmological test.
  • Estimate of cluster masses from virial theorem and hydrostatic equilibrium.
  • Cosmological relevance of Weak gravitational lensing (summary).
  • The era of precision cosmology: Planck paper summary on cosmological parameters and DE/MG models. Role of BAOs at low redshift. Tensions between CMB and other small scales probes.




  • Weinberg, Mukhanov, Coles & Lucchini books.
  • Review on Dark Energy of Friemann; Baumann part III Cosmology course.

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