PhD positions

Every year the Astroparticle Physics group hires 5 students to attend a three year Ph.D. programme. The students are selected according to a written and oral test (for more detailed information, see here).

SISSA makes a contribution towards the travel expenses for attending the exam. To see all the informations see the admission page.

Application deadlines, dates and number of available positions of the entrance examinations are periodically posted on the PhD announcements webpage, where you can also download the application forms.

2017/2018 PhD positions:

  1. Call:
    • Deadline for applications: March 15 2017
    • Examination dates: March 27-28 2017
    • Written Exam: March 27 2017, Room: 128-129, Time: 9.00-13.00
  2. Call:
    • Deadline for applications: June 19 2017
    • Examination dates: July 6-7 2017
    • Written Exam: July 6 2017, Room: 128-129, Time: 9.00-13.00

Non-EU citizens can be admitted also through a selection based on academic and scientific qualifications only. Some of these candidates might be awarded a fellowship (including travel expenses) to participate in the regular entrance examination in July. The deadline for these online applications is March 31 (as you can find in SISSA foreigner announcements).

Other positions

Announcements about other fellowships or positions can be found in the SISSA announcements page.