Previous Projects and Grants

PRIN 2010 (Feb 2013/16)
Symmetries, Masses and Mysteries: Electroweak symmetry breaking, flavor mixing, CP violation and Dark Matter in the LHC era. The project aims at developing a coherent theoretical interpretation of the outcome of the LHC experiment by integrating it with the information coming from flavour experiments in the quark and lepton sector and from astroparticle experiments, in particular direct and indirect dark matter detection.

DaMeSyFla ERC Advanced Grant (Apr 2011/16)
Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavour and Dark Matter: One Solution for Three Mysteries. In the next five years, experiments will give us a unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavor and Dark Matter. The LHC at CERN will push the Energy frontier well into the TeV region and shed light on electroweak symmetry breaking.

HoloGrav ESF network (2010/14)
The ESF network Holographic methods for strongly coupled systems encourages and promotes research in gauge/gravity duality, including its applications across particle, nuclear, condensed matter and gravitational physics. The network supports staff and student exchanges, workshops, conferences and summer schools, to be organized across Europe and at the network associated countries.