Training: admission to the second year and choice of the research project

In order to be admitted to the second year, students must pass a number of exams to acheive a minimum of 8 credits. We strongly encourage our students to complete their course study program within the early Summer of the first year. Students admitted through a 'preselection' procedure must also pass a qualifying exam.

After completion of the coursework, and, if required, the qualifying exam, students start a research project under the supervision of a member of the Scientific Board; an external supervisor can also be considered, subject to the approval of the Scientific Board. The supervisor is finally assigned by the Scientific Board, taking into account the student's wishes. In case this supervisor is not a member of the Scientific Board, a co-supervisor belonging to the Scientific Board will be nominated as well.

Admission to the following years

By the early summer of the second year, after a report from the supervisor and a presentation of the research activity by the student, the Scientific Board makes a decision regarding the admission of students to the third year. Students not admitted to the third year are given the chance to take part to a Magister exam by the end of the second year. Students interested in the possible enrollment in a fourth year, are required to submit a motivated written request, also signed by the supervisor, at least six months before the end of the third year to the Scientific Board, which will deliberate on whether to forward the request to the SISSA Senate.

A list of the Alumni of the TPP curriculum can be found here .