Past Entrance exams

The following admission exams serve as a facsimile of the upcoming test, reflecting the changed examination format since last few years. They are intended solely for reference and to gauge the expected level of proficiency during the actual examination. Please note that the current examination format is subject to annual changes, and any modifications will be communicated well in advance of the examination.
Year Files
1993 A    B    C    D   
1994 A    B    C    D   
1995 A    B    C    D   
1996 A    B    C    D   
1997 1997.pdf
1998 1998.pdf
2000 2000.pdf
2001 2001.pdf
2002 2002.pdf
2003 2003.pdf
2004 2004.pdf
2005 2005.pdf
2006 2006.pdf
2007 2007.pdf
2008 2008.pdf
2009 2009.pdf
2010 2010.pdf
2012 2012.pdf
2013 2013.pdf
2014 2014.pdf
2015 2015.pdf
2016 2016.pdf
2017 2017.pdf
2018, spring 2018spring.pdf
2018, summer 2018summer.pdf
2019, spring 2019spring.pdf
2020 2020.pdf

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