course dates credits
String Theory Jan 10 - Apr 8 9
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Sergio Cecotti 11:30 - 13:00 2


  1. Overview: bosonic and fermionic Polyakov path integrals
  2. Introduction to 2d conformal and superconformal field theories
  3. String theory: physical spectra, vertices and BRST quantization
  4. Bosonic string: tree and one-loop amplitudes
  5. Consistent superstring theories in 10d: modular invariance and absence of divergences
  6. Heterotic string theory: fermionic formulation
  7. Bosonic string: toroidal compactifications, T-duality, orbifolds, and D-branes
  8. Heterotic string: chiral boson formulation
  9. Supersymmetric strings: low-energy effective theories and anomaly cancellation
  10. Supersymmetric strings: T-duality, D-branes and their BPS bound states
  11. Supersymmetric strings: non-perturbative physics at strong coupling
  12. (if we have time) Supersymmetric strings: compactifications on Calabi-Yau manifolds



J.Polchinski, "String Theory", vol. I, vol. II

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